Nicky G

Nicky G

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    I've always felt the decade shifts at the 7s... 17, 27, 37. More the anticipation of the thing coming, than the delay of what's already happened....
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    Charlie -- when you get back to reality, let us know what you think of the new 12" Retina MacBook. Based on your previous thoughts on ultra-portable computing, it strikes me that you just might love this thing......
  • Commented on Not a Manifesto
    Another thing, as I think a few other commenters noted, is that it's essentially possible to write what is essentially science fiction (even "hard" SF) that reads like fantasy. What would life be like as an "informational entity" living inside...
  • Commented on Not a Manifesto
    A lot of the focus of this conversation with regards to "science fiction" is on the technological aspect of the genre, and comparing this to the "magic" element in fantasy. While these are worthy areas of comparison, doesn't science fiction...
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