• Commented on Summer webcomics
    Lots of personal favorites already mentioned, but let me add two from the "obviously, the artist has no fear of vertical scrolling" school of webcomics. Both illustrated in beautiful stylized form, and both IMHO having surprisingly thoughtful moments. As both...
  • Commented on A question about the future of the world wide web
    Silvio Micali and Ron Rivest's company "Peppercoin" offered a micropayment system circa 2002 that also solved the "fixed billing overhead" problem. Trouble is, they were literally 10 years ahead of the market. Wikipedia has a summary, and the technical papers...
  • Commented on The Curse of Laundry
    Arthur Clarke also had his "Minisec" PDA, which I think showed up in "Imperial Earth." They pretty much did everything the portable displays in "2001" did, along with local computation and massive personal information storage. The only things Clarke missed...
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