• Commented on 2117 revisited
    Apropos language extinction - I think it depends heavily on the political context. I grew up in Friesland, in the Netherlands, where the local language (Frisian) had long been ignored by the national government. In the 1950s, this changed, and...
  • Commented on Popcorn Time
    Add to this picture the possibility/likelihood of a financial crash in the next 2 years and one could imagine all sorts of crazy outcomes. I'm hearing commentators say that the Fed is planning to raise interest rates so they have...
  • Commented on Facts of Life and Death
    It's interesting. On the one hand - the things Charlie describes are undoubtedly real. Yes, there will be exceptions, and there will be sectors that do well out of devaluation - but the broad, nation-wide trend is clear. On the...
  • Commented on Updating a classic
    Demand big improvements without changing anything. I was parachuted into a software project that was in trouble - the requirements were unclear, there was no credible plan, the team had cycled through 3 or 4 "methodologies", the only undisputed facts...
  • Commented on The unavoidable discussion
    I think a big part of the debate in the UK is shaped by the relative historic uniformity of England (where most of the press is focused). England has been a unified political unit since the 10th century. Germany, the...
  • Commented on The present in deep history
    I'm going to assume that in the 30th century, the practice of writing about, and teaching, history will not be so different to today. Whatever the concerns are for 30th century society will reflect the historical trends they choose to...
  • Commented on Even More Obligatory Author Shilling
    No link.......
  • Commented on Leading question
    The "sources of power" have always been hard to grasp. The ideal of a democracy, where power rests with the people, has never been completely true. However, the combined trends of privatisation of government tasks, the "picketty" trend of ever-more...
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