• Commented on Attention Conservation Notice
    Seven months is „sooon“? :/ Have fun in my hometown. I recommend drinking Hövels or even, should you get to Bochum, a Fiege Pils....
  • Commented on Bombing Syria Considered Stupid
    A major obstacle to boots on the ground is the perception problem: Whatever the west does, Iraq and Afghanistan blew so much goodwill that any action will be viewed as colonizing crusaders, if not to speak from Daesh's own particular...
  • Commented on 21st Century: a complaint
    There is something to like about the ”21st Century“ though: In the last decade screenwriter got far to deep into mysticism and esoteric explanations. Battlestar Galactica with the whole last season, Lost with its purgatory, vampires, werewolves, zombies elsewhere. As...
  • Commented on Ask the Author
    Do you have a good home remedy against the Chills?...
  • Commented on Let's put the future behind us
    … they're obviously a crude form of vegetable cloche, but why oh why are they with those chariots … Obviously they were a vegetarian nomadic culture, pushing their mobile little gardens on the great roads, migrating season for season after...
  • Commented on Let's put the future behind us
    (Thanks for that book recommendation. I'm two thirds through and already fascinated by those medieval states like Burgundry and Aragon. A fascination I didn't know I had until now.)...
  • Commented on Let's put the future behind us
    More on topic that prussia: from the seventies to the early naughties the major part of south pole station was a geodesic dome giving the right sci-fi-vibe in an inhospitable place. Sadly the interior never had rain forests....
  • Commented on Let's put the future behind us
    To further complicate matters: There was the state of Prussia and the region of Prussia. The latter one lies today deep in Poland and the russian enclave of Kaliningrad. Even west prussia (the region) lies east of the german border....
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