Andy Jones

Andy Jones

  • Commented on The present in deep history
    Predictive power. In 1700, calculus had only just been invented. Humans were extremely limited in which systems they could make accurate predictions about. Over the past 300 years, the set of systems we know enough about to make useful predictions...
  • Commented on On the Great Filter, existential threats, and griefers
    It seems like any civilization with that kind of goal in mind would be better served by ye olde fashioned VN probes. They can set up shop in every system they can reach and nuke anything that looks intelligent within...
  • Commented on Ask the Author
    Since your first novel, what're the biggest lessons you've learnt in how to tell stories?...
  • Commented on On the lack of cultural estrangement in SF
    Seriously, I feel that if I'm writing far-future SF, I've got a duty There's the heart of it. You endeavour to make your work more than just mindless entertainment, because what's the point in all your effort otherwise? And personally...
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