Matthew Ernest

Matthew Ernest

  • Commented on "Tomorrow belongs to me"
    I don't know that those voting for sovereignity reasons will respect the "lol nonbinding" arguement. Then again I don't know that those voting for sovereignity reasons would respect indyref2 either. Also, those expecting to renegotiate a good trade deal are...
  • Commented on It could be worse
    The guns nuts with visions of sugar-plum revolutionaries dancing in their heads will be disappointed once their vendors are financially disincentivized to sell them any guns or ammunition... or food or water. I can't recall where I first saw the...
  • Commented on On the lack of cultural estrangement in SF
    "I read Cryoburn some time ago and as far as I can make out it is not even SF, unless throwing in CryoStatis counts." Did you really miss the development of Kibou-daini society around the political idea that if you...
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