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    State governments can get away with systematic disenfranchisement of voters (particularly minority voters) because states have the right to run their own elections (Article I, section 4 and the 10th Amendment of the Constitution). There are judicially imposed exceptions, particularly...
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    You are correct regarding voter suppression in the US, particularly in states where the government is controlled by Republicans. You are incorrect regarding an agreement not to talk about it. Conservative news organizations do not ignore the issue, they actively...
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    It's unlikely that Russian hackers targeting pollsters' systems significantly influenced polling, at least in the US. There was a remarkable uniformity in the trends and in how they responded to various types of news. Further, the announcement by James Comey...
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    I'd suggest the pre-Mickey Mouse Protection Act (Sonny Bono Copyright Act of 1998) term of author's life plus 50 years (75 years for work-for-hire works) was still too much. The old 28 plus 28 with affirmative renewal fit better with...
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    How do I agree? Let me count the ways... Relationship-wise, neither Bob nor Mo has faced up to the threat they pose each other. (Reminder: Bob is a thoroughly unreliable narrator!) When Mo attempted to murder Mhari and Bob, Bob...
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    I'm an American from Texas and a liberal (as we Americans define it), watching both our countries lose their collective political minds. (Too late for my state, and don't get me started on our secessionists.) Is there a purpose to...
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    The relevant law on derivative works in the U.S. (17 USC Sec. 103(b)) appears to protect new derivative works when the copyright on the original has expired. Pre-existing derivative works are only protected to the extent of their new contributions....
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