• Commented on Dread of Heinleinism
    The politics in Smith's Lensman series became somewhat more comprehensible to me when I realized that, basically, what the Arisians were doing was providing a real, certified supply of philosopher kings. Handing all your government over to them, once you've...
  • Commented on Defining space opera
    Banks? You're all joking, right? Admittedly I have little experience with Banks, since the one book I read based on multiple recommendations from friends who should have known better I hated with a white-hot all-consuming passion. But it (the book...
  • Commented on Defining space opera
    Scale, definitely. But I think what's required is that the scale be huge to the characters. So you could have space opera within the solar system if the characters are on the cutting edge of opening up this huge-to-them space....
  • Commented on Let's Talk About Running A Successful Kickstarter Campaign
    This all sounds right to me. I'm part of a campaign that funded recently, and we're now working to manufacture rewards and plan the event and the work to be done at and after the event (the event is the...
  • Commented on Things I would make if I had a 3D printer ...
    Custom grips. Epees have been mentioned, but this could also apply to knives, firearms, and many other things (probably some that aren't even "weapons"; ping-pong paddles, say). (Figuring out what makes for a *good* custom grip would no doubt involve...
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