• Commented on Ever Young?
    As always thanks to Charlie for kicking off another interesting discussion, and to everyone else chiming in with observations. Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday to you! I've followed the thread since it began, as I've been wondering about very...
  • Commented on The Nightmare Stacks: US Launch
    Cheers for the signature at FP last week, was good to meet you in the real world finally. Also, my thanks to you (and your moderator squad!) for running the blog, always interesting reads and intelligent commentary. Enjoy Portland!...
  • Commented on Cloud cuckoo politics
    My ghast has never been so absolutely flabbered. Sounds like the usual kneejerk sound bite: 'something must be done', 'I've done something', 'good, something has been done'. As always, thank you Charlie for elucidating the issues here so clearly -...
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