• Commented on Sucker bet (a thought experiment)
    Oooh, interesting. Some initial thoughts: There's a vast gulf between the amount of money you need for a ridiculously comfortable life and risking Head on a Stick. Spending all but a billion of your money keeps you below the murder...
  • Commented on Bundle of Laundry
    The Laundry RPG is actually one of the better RPGs out on the market these days (Cubicle 7 has an unusual level of professionalism and production values for a RPG company, as most of them are kind of shoestring operations,...
  • Commented on More obligatory author shilling
    just got home That was an awesome impromptu panel -- I'll confess that I was figuring a book signing to be an altogether duller affair, but I am glad to be proven wrong. And thank you and Scott and Bear...
  • Commented on More obligatory author shilling
    Long-time lurker, first-time poster, but I shall be there assuming it is physically possible to get through the snow! has never been to a book-signing before, but is drawn out my density of favorite authors in one place...
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