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    No nesting, please. The current, simple layout make my iPhone happy....
  • Commented on Rewilding Etiquette
    I suppose this comment stream is winding down, but... Is there any evidence that emoji usage is normative? Does the usage pattern of online emotion-faces converge over time, or do small communities form with internally-consistent online etiquette that diverge from...
  • Commented on Rewilding Etiquette
    Marilee @127: I wallow in shame at mangling your name; I'm reading this discussion through the tiny lens of my cell phone. I did not plan ahead and got very interested in the discussion here, and I intend to re-read...
  • Commented on Rewilding Etiquette
    This discussion is the best I've seen in a long time! I want to reinforce Marilyn @26 points out: Schools are teaching peace strategies. Constructive engagement in conflict is not only possible, it is a teachable skill. I love the...
  • Commented on Interdependency
    Re: @11 UPS Testing Usually Fails In 1994, the company I worked for tested the vendor-installed 30kV UPS and found that it pushed 30kV (not mains-spec 120V) to the mainframe before the breakers popped, leaving the team in the dark,...
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