• Commented on Writer, Interrupted
    Either 5 minute standup at a fixed time each day OR one (1) emailed report required during a day. DON'T ask for an individually typed report on what people have been working on every day if there is a perfectly...
  • Commented on Writer, Interrupted
    We had an old-fashioned style manager in our flexi-office, who seemed to think it a good idea to always be first in and last out. Some kind of odd idea of 'inspiration' I think. Unfortunately for him, some of us...
  • Commented on Updating a classic
    1) Randomly upgrade tools/compiler/library versions. These are of course all 100% backward compatible. 2) Have a coding standard for all variable, function and class names. Then have another one. 3) Strict Agile methods demand that if your current task is...
  • Commented on Science-fictional shibboleths
    I was working out a pitch for one of the Elite:Dangerous SF novella slots until the setup of the whole (Traveller-based) economy completely torpedoed my enthusiasm. Seriously, you (and everyone else) have to blast your way through about 50 billion...
  • Commented on A Storm Of Stories
    The beauty of the heuristic is that it doesn't matter if the quality of paid for stuff is higher or not. As your analysis shows there'll still be more than enough great stuff in either pot. You could equally go...
  • Commented on A Storm Of Stories
    Having this kind of analysis is really useful for refuting the quality/success fallacy, and feeling better about that backlog. I try to cope via heuristics, mostly. 'Avoid if free' works pretty well on the consumption side, 'Do it for fun'...
  • Commented on A Storm Of Stories
    You could certainly knock up a Library of Babel in a weekend, and then you'd be future proofed....
  • Commented on Brontosaurus BDSM, Werewolf Marines, and Serious Social Issues: Self-Publishing in the Wild
    Writing (& editing) quality is a major potential problem with self-published books, but being able to read a few pages before buying can help this. It's not a new problem though. I tried reading A Tale Of Two Cities earlier...
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