• Commented on What's The Best Medium For A Storyteller In 2015 And Beyond?
    I think we have bigger problems. I know I do....
  • Commented on Who Got Fantasy in My Science Fiction?
    It seems to me that a general problem with "psi" involves narrative tension vs. social structures. If you get too close to accurate you start being predictive which gets you into feedback loops with social power structures. Keep in mind...
  • Commented on Inverted realities
    You write this as if humans are so much better (instead of being some sort of scavenger monkey which mostly finds itself so hideous it feels compelled to adorns itself with protective scraps - much like a hermit crab, except...
  • Commented on An exercise in futility
    I would not be too put off by the structure of U.S. copyright laws. They may not be specifically structured around the concept of moral rights, but they are nevertheless a rather nasty set of laws - the concept of...
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