• Commented on A bright and shiny hell
    Presumably the libertarian counterargument would be that if enough people were interested in human wellbeing that the market would deliver it, and the current state of affairs is due to a majority of people being cunts....
  • Commented on A purely theoretical dilemma
    On the other hand, what to a group of individuals looks like genocide to a group mind looks like a self-improvement program. Let's imagine you absolutely can't get away from the people whose ideas you can't stand except by turning...
  • Commented on Towards a taxonomy of cliches in Space Opera
    Converting that stable steady-state economy to a war footing is going to be an interesting endeavor, though. Converting back might be impossible, for that matter. Consider that waging war is basically wagering that your opponent will run out of some...
  • Commented on Towards a taxonomy of cliches in Space Opera
    "Consider that the majority -- around 75% -- of human interactions are not monetized; family groups usually run on pure communism internally"True within family groups only, though. It becomes remarkably different otherwise- humans seem to have two very distinct sets...
  • Commented on The Future Is Not American
    So, one Empire goes down along with its controlling you think the replacement would be something other than another Empire with its own controlling demographic out merrily oppressing everyone else (and its own unprivileged members) for economic benefit and...
  • Commented on The present in deep history
    First, the great divide- before that cusp, people required other human beings to meet their material, intellectual and emotional needs. After it, automated machinery and such AI as existed was sufficient to provide material support and stimulation for a rich...
  • Commented on Who Got Fantasy in My Science Fiction?
    Faster-than-light travel permits many models of interstellar civilization. What is psi a necessary prerequisite for?...
  • Commented on An exercise in futility
    How to get around the Bowdlerization? Fanny Hill it- you can make the most horrifyingly explicit descriptions of what's going on while using remarkably prim language. Dialogue might suffer a bit, though....
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