• Commented on Constitutional crisis ahoy!
    I am an American so dont troll me for not knowing as much. Scotland has less than 5.4 m people. If they leave the UK and rejoin the EU, I think its unlikely they would get the same level of...
  • Commented on Science-fictional shibboleths
    On the Years of Rice and Salt... 90% of the native americans were wiped out by european diseases. They lived in far less dense communities and were spread out more in smaller bands. Though they didn't have any defenses. Here...
  • Commented on Science-fictional shibboleths
    Most authors have do you want fries with this degrees. They don't know anything about science. Most SF fans seem to prefer NON believable SF. Its more exciting then the way science actual works. Can someone post links of sites...
  • Commented on The Biggest Little SF Publisher you never heard of pulls on the jackboots
    As far as Vox Days company being in Finland. Saying its there because there are racists there would be like saying if its in Germany, its tied to the Nazis. It makes no sense. If he thought the books would...
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