Matthew Kenworthy

Matthew Kenworthy

  • Commented on Fossil fuels are dead (and here's why)
    Thanks, I did wonder where Musk was going with all of this, and it sounds all too plausible. As a professional astronomer, I've seen several large optical telescope groups already discuss mitigation strategies for Starlink and the other satellite constellations...
  • Commented on That sinking feeling
    As a British immigrant in the Netherlands, and with an American partner, these past 18 months have been emotionally draining for us (our radio is lightly pebbledashed with granola every morning). I sincerely hope you are wrong on your points,...
  • Commented on What can possibly go wrong?
    So when do I start writing out one-time pads for my family so that we know that we are really talking to each other? Wait, crap. That won't work. A good AI will spot when we've used the one-time pad...
  • Commented on What can possibly go wrong?
    I now admit that I'm afraid for my child, given the way things are going. I'm reasonably computer savvy but this new algorithmic trend combined with the children's videos linked above make me incredibly twitchy. Not letting our kid use...
  • Commented on Excuses
    Don't get worried about "over the hill" thoughts, they're complete bollocks. You write awesome books and short stories, and you will continue to do so. Shut off the noise, get in the zone, and plough on....
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