• Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    Britain was the first to establish the idea of Copyright in the Statute of Anne. They should start enforcing copyright over copyrights and demand that all current copyright holders pay up....
  • Commented on Facts of Life and Death
    There are plenty of recent examples of European countries crashing hard -- Iceland and Greece come to mind. Things have gotten worse for the poor, but we're not even close to mass starvation comparable to the potato famine (the Hungry...
  • Commented on Facts of Life and Death
    Show me the western economies that have experienced starvation in the last 30 years... If Britain loses 1/3 of its wealth, it looks to me like it ends up at Spain or Italy levels. While they're not exactly shining beacons...
  • Commented on Long range forecast
    If we give up on rebuilding coastal cities when they flood, is that collapse or is that wisdom?...
  • Commented on Long range forecast
    I don't understand how your model of a shattering mosaic and society constantly recovering from shocks allows for technological and social progress, which to me seems undeniable in the last 200+ years. You (Heteromeles) write novels. How much are you...
  • Commented on Long range forecast
    There's a big gap between "the world stops growing economically and morally as fast as it has this century" and "global collapse". Having the hot parts of the world in complete misery and their inhabitants considered lesser beings while the...
  • Commented on Long range forecast
    Perhaps things look different from my perch here in Texas, not far from the Eagle Ford Shale, but from what I see the lower prices are driven primarily by technological change, the ability to produce shale oil relatively inexpensively. In...
  • Commented on On the Great Filter, existential threats, and griefers
    Very small probes sent to every single star system to monitor developments, able to interact with electronic communications. Once a civilization approaches starflight, the probe starts to subtly interfere with spacecraft development: test vehicles explode or crash. Precisely-aimed tiny particles...
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