• Commented on Pushing it back
    I don't remember the exact precise source, but when I researched for my curiosity this same topic some times ago, a biologist pointed out that we should be able to detect any major civilization very far in the past by...
  • Commented on Lying to the ghost in the machine
    Talking about slavery, servitude, roman empire and so on, I was reminded of a couple small factoids I learned recently. First of all, the original word for slave in the roman empire was "servus", the root of servant: slave came...
  • Commented on Covid on Mars
    For those that see Mars as a lifeboat for climate change, the problem is not the climate change per se: it's other people. Yes, if you're rich enough, you could survive any extend of climate change on Earth, and move...
  • Commented on Some notes on the worst-case scenario
    I thought the reference to THESUNTHESUNTHESUN was to the Solar Civilization of Evola. I heard that his writings are greatly appreciated by most neofascists all around the world, and alt-right members....
  • Commented on And the Rabid Nazi Raccoons shall inherit the Earth
    You know one of the sad things? In North of Italy there are plenty of those Trump and Le Pen spiritual brothers that would read your description of the Campi Flegrei eruption and cheer. Without, apart for the obvious ethical...
  • Commented on A game of consequences
    Regarding kids, kibbutzes and conscription, probably there would be some kind of intermediate solution like the Boy Scouts organization....
  • Commented on On the Great Filter, existential threats, and griefers
    About past and current extinction events, a curiosity I have is how much can we be sure that none of the previous big extinction events have been caused by some kind of previous civilization? I mean, leaving aside the "fanta-archeology"...
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