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  • Commented on Book Launch
    Im torn between wanting a Spooky plot thread and being worried it become too much like a copy of Aineko from Accelerando. Although it would give Charlie the chance to create a MILK-JUG to accompany TEAPOT...
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    There are also a number of hints of something deeply nasty being in charge at the Black Chamber of course........
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    You could argue thats already happened somewhat with TEAPOT - for small values of nightmare of course. In fact if I remember The Fuller Memorandum correctly its not quite clearly explained why TEAPOT goes from being a merciless killer to...
  • Commented on A message from our sponsors: now with added gaming content!
    Anything that persists the Eschaton universe gets a thumbs up from me! @Charlie how much work does this mean for you? I had a quick search on the blog to see if you mention your universe building techniques, but didn't...
  • Commented on Who Got Fantasy in My Science Fiction?
    There is some SciFi that posits the only way to have a stable interstellar polity is with the aid of FTL comms indistinguishable from Telepath. I may be misremembering but Piers Anthony's Kirlian series springs to mind....
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    Psi has always been lurking there in the background radiation of SciFi- especially Telepathy or other variants on FTL or Mind to Mind communications. even in mainstream space opera. Take nearly anything by Peter F Hamilton, from the Edenists affinity...
  • Commented on Inverted realities
    I though OGH has always been Mr Horrific Parasite Guy based on the horrors in the Laudry files.... There are plenty of examples of zombification from parasites, my favourite would be the fungus Ophiocordyceps that makes its host seek out...
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