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  • Commented on Roe v Wade v Sanity
    I agree. The opinion reads like there was a pre-written main text overturning Roe, which Alito has simply stapled on to an addendum relating to the case at hand. We have to ask which other pre-written opinions are floating around,...
  • Commented on Empire Games (and Merchant Princes): the inevitable spoiler thread!
    In terms of para-time living, we've seen societies without widespread ability to jaunt, and with only about 20 years of serious investigation of the technology. Their ARMBAND drones are expensive now, but I can imagine a consumer version before not...
  • Commented on Roll the dice
    RPG has an element of escapism in its appeal, but now it's less about the excitement of being in a magical setting, and more about the desire to have agency in that setting. During CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN regular people are...
  • Commented on Social architecture and the house of tomorrow
    We're already seeing tension between housing designed for the 1950s nuclear family, and the actual needs of contemporary families. It's not just about people living with their parents for longer (as above), but also broader relationships among ex-spouses, siblings, or...
  • Commented on Lessons learned: writing really long fiction
    It seems there's a difference between a "one big story" model, like Merchant Princes where the plot and tone of the books are tightly integrated, and a "tales from" model, like the Laundry (originally) where the stories are more independent...
  • Commented on Do my Homework
    A story where the collapse of consensus reality is normal and unremarkable background; something to be navigated and engaged with, but no expectation the tale will end with "and they all agreed climate change was bad and lived happily ever...
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