• Commented on Do my Homework
    To be only slightly pedantic: because you´ve reinvented universities?...
  • Commented on Dread of Heinleinism
    I am a norwegian "leftist", which in US terms means somewhere to the left of flaming communist. And I don't mind Starship Troopers. Possibly because it (like most of the US) is so far from my experience of how things...
  • Commented on Paging Agent 007
    Trump has the instincts of a banana republic leader's poodle. As for humour theory, I'd look at Keith Johnstone's "status reversals"....
  • Commented on We get mail (contd.)
    I'm trying to wrap my head around Pigeon's description of a god. Moral by definition. A *state* of being moral, rather than what looks, to me, like a process, maybe? Still thinking about it. I find this disturbing as hell....
  • Commented on We get mail (contd.)
    Pigeon, you do realize that you just fell into the "might makes right" -camp, right?...
  • Commented on Theme, Fiction, and Empire Games
    Somethong... *sigh*...
  • Commented on Theme, Fiction, and Empire Games
    The characters (and the institutions) aware of the engineered black hole do not seem to really grasp the implications. There's someone/somethong out there with technology so far ahead of ours that we cannot even begin to see the path to...
  • Commented on Cyberpunk 2.0: Political economy, energy, and the future US
    Norway's electricity production is already 96-99% renewable. Hydropower from about a thousand dams (937). It's like expecting eskimos to save snow. 'Course, we also export oil, so we're nowhere near carbon neutral....
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