• Commented on In defence of Traditional (Eurocentric Quasi-Medieval) Fantasy: #1 I'll read what I like
    A more accurate put-down would be: "You think you're clever and your tastes are childish. Get back to work, techno-peasant!" Also, look up meritocracy some time....
  • Commented on The Ultimate Tech Frontier: Your Brain
    Now that problems as elementary as "what should we eat" are totally understood and solved, at a practical level at least, it's high time we tackle how the brain works in detail. Can't wait for the first sweeping political, sociological...
  • Commented on Aftermath
    Sadly, Galloway is of as much help to the Left as Gore. Both got their reputation destroyed by the media and in both cases because of very specific issues, rather than their quite obvious personality flaws. Anyway, amazed at the...
  • Commented on Aftermath
    Martin, re Galloway: Sure, he may have a huge ego. Then pity those who have to work with him. But why hate him? Opportunism? Was taking on the cause of the Palestinians for decades on end a clever plot to...
  • Commented on Aftermath
    Re Galloway, I'm still baffled after reading your reply, Charlie. My main concern is not about G himself, but rather the left/labour movement quitting their defence of the non-elite majority and putting most of their effort into other issues, not...
  • Commented on Aftermath
    @6 Charlie, genuine question: why the hate on Galloway? The piece you link to does not spell out the five charges levelled against him by the (then his) Labour party in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion: · he...
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