• Commented on An update on the revolutionary experiment
    I used to be such an optimist, "the long arc of history bends towards justice" and all that, but it's gone now. As I see it, through my aging, cataract-infested eyes, we won't solve anything, as long as we accept...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Labyrinth Index
    "I'm just fantasizing about how much fun it would be for the many hated world leaders in all fields to suddenly and inconveniently develop burgeoning consciences" This. This is one of my favourite daydreams: An airborne cure for sociopathy, freely...
  • Commented on Playtime is over
    Just saw Adam Curtis's "HyperNormalisation" yesterday, amazing work. Watching it, I thought that it kinda reflected the ideas of Beige Dictartorship, but couldn't remember where I read about it :) So thank you. What I got from it, is that...
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