Michael Grosberg

Michael Grosberg

  • Commented on Where Have All the Women Gone?
    The good thing about going digital is that you have a perfect record of the books you read, when you bought them and when you read them. I started keeping a a spreadsheet of the books I read, with column...
  • Commented on Annihilation Score round-up
    Quick question - what's the ETA on the audiobook? (US version) I really liked listening to the audiobooks so far, but I won't be able to hold off on reading it for too long....
  • Commented on They Took Our Myths
    My take on the popularity of the Mythos is that it has more to do with promise vs. execution. I first heard of the Mythos through gaming. The Call of Cthulgu RPG promised something so dark, so terrible, that you'd...
  • Commented on In defence of Traditional (Eurocentric Quasi-Medieval) Fantasy: #1 I'll read what I like
    "Go [redacted] a [redacted]! My reading time is my own." Not much of a defence, though, is it? It stamps down any possible discussion of the relative merits of genres - or specific works. And this is what blogging is...
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