• Commented on We get mail (contd.)
    Slightly OT, but do you ever read your server logs to see what Google searches brought people here, Charlie? If you're wondering what the point of that would be, well, it would be entertainment. C.f. https://www.popehat.com/tag/road-to-popehat/...
  • Commented on Empire Games sneak peek
    I guess that one was hard to top. Not just for near future Sci-Fi, though, all those spy stories ... In fact, I think I stopped reading them right around then. For me the Cold War was so integral to...
  • Commented on Empire Games sneak peek
    I think there may be an evolutionary niche, so to speak, for strongly-proselytized religions that will tend to get filled one way or another. Which doesn't mean that things wouldn't be very different, of course....
  • Commented on Wooden Train Parenting
    I agree with a lot of that but it seems a little inexact to lump all different types of screen time together. Watching TV, playing an FPS, playing Minecraft, browsing Wikipedia, and surfing Facebook all seem like very different things...
  • Commented on Thoughtcrime
    Ah, the usual Underpants Gnome's step 2 towards taking over the Internet....
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