• Commented on The dog ate my homework
    I wrote my last book (manuscript) in latex, used pandoc to convert to Word when I got to the publisher mucking stage. Do you have a set of macros from the publisher? (Macros, as distinct from styles). One thing I...
  • Commented on Playtime is over
    To add to your theory, the Russians believe that the "color revolutions" (Rose, Orange) were orchestrated and driven by CIA money, and thus, this is payback. (Eg, search for "CIA "...
  • Commented on The present in deep history
    The scientific method Instant communication including telegraph, radio and internet high energy fuels (fossil, nuclear)...
  • Commented on The Evil Business Plan of Evil (and misery for all)
    Hi Charlie, This has already been funded by William Gibson's Unevenly Distributed Futures venture capital firm, here in Seattle:
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