Christopher Biggs

Christopher Biggs

  • Commented on Place your bets
    What’s next for the GPU Singularity? Artificial life. Designing and simulating new biological machines. Start with a microbe that eats PET and excretes methanol. Followed relatively closely, I fear, by a new solution to Fermi’s Paradox....
  • Commented on Covid on Mars
    “Vacuum Quarantine” will be the euphemism that emerges for applying the same response to potential exposure that ground-grippers use for foot-and-mouth disease in livestock....
  • Commented on Dead plots
    (Proof that I’ve read past the fold: is that a missing close paren after “Wakefield”?) Charlie and all, another plot that won’t fly any more is “future society with a cure for cancer/death/diabetes/common-cold” etc. We know now that Big Pharma...
  • Commented on The internet of decay
    Adware on your smart TV that you can't get rid of. Your lights randomly flicker until you pay the ransom. Americas funniest celebrity baby monitor camera videos. I spoke about the risks at LCA Hobart on Jan in "The Internet...
  • Commented on Just plain icky
    ...contd... The TWIP story about hookworm posits that the post-civil-war reconstruction was significantly hampered by hookworm-induced lethargy....
  • Commented on Just plain icky
    There's a great episode of This Week In Parasitism podcast (which is even more fascinating than it sounds) where parasitologist Professor Disckson Despommier tells the story of the society-level improvements in the southern United States associated with the program to...
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