Tim McCormack

Tim McCormack

  • Commented on Random excuses
    The new LJ ToS rather worryingly bans scripting. I don't know if that means that they'll be blocking Dreamwidth's importer, but if anyone is waffling I'd advise doing the import *now*, just in case. I also hacked together a burn-your-journal...
  • Commented on Children and War Toys and Violent Video Games and Action Stories
    If our kiddo wants to make "guns" out of sticks, that's fine. I'm not going to have her playing with orange-cap guns, though -- I want to very much keep a divide between play and reality, since that's my main...
  • Commented on Towards a taxonomy of cliches in Space Opera
    You've covered the "exobiology is just like Earth biology, only simpler" and "aliens are basically people" cliches pretty well, but there's also the opposite: Assumptions that aliens are *totally* alien, and that exobiology is *totally* incompatible. For instance, if there's...
  • Commented on A small research question
    Related to the Braconidae are the Ichneumonidae, which apparently were a component in Darwin losing his faith in intelligent design: But I own that I cannot see, as plainly as others do, & as I shd wish to do, evidence...
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