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Rick K

  • Commented on Empire Games
    (Spoiler alert!) I don't think that was actually Bruce Schneier. But seeing his name attached to the afterword was only one of several great little details, like Adam telling the Burgesons to bring democracy to the USA, or the title...
  • Commented on Empire Games sneak peek
    Thanks for the link to the longer excerpt. After reading the first link Charlie posted, I wanted more. And this gave me a little more. The excerpt worked. Not only did I pre-order Empire Games, but I bought the first...
  • Commented on Brief hiatus
    Deschutes is a good choice. Their Black Butte Porter and Obsidian Stout are among my go-to brews. If you go for kitchen-sink-style stouts, The Abyss is one of the things that started that trend. It might exacerbate the jet lag...
  • Commented on Where Have All the Women Gone?
    In addition to OGH's latest novel, the topic of middle-aged (and greater) female invisibility came up to great comic effect in a recent episode of the Netflix show Grace and Frankie, with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. They had been...
  • Commented on Upcoming appearances, Amsterdam, Seattle and Spokane
    Followup from the Seattle reading. I agree with you about Northwest IPAs. They're like listening to music with the treble turned up to 11. While you were at Pike I hope you tried the Kilt Lifter, which is eminently drinkable...
  • Commented on Upcoming appearances, Amsterdam, Seattle and Spokane
    Looking forward to your Seattle appearance. If Bob starts using Windows 10 then we'll know that the Microsofties got to you yesterday, the culture change under Nadella notwithstanding. Or that your trope in that novel is possession. (inclusive OR: both...
  • Commented on A product review, and some musing
    On the societal scourge of Macaholicism: as a Unix graybeard I used to feel pity mixed (I hate to admit) with a little bit of contempt for people who let themselves get hooked. Then I changed jobs and was issued...
  • Commented on A product review, and some musing
    It's good to see you go back to your geek roots. Whenever someone says that using Perl ruins the brain, I bring you up as a counter-example. If only I could come up with a second one... Combing power and...
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