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Bruce K

  • Commented on The sudden eruption of news
    Makes me wonder, as an outsider to the UK system, how bad things would have to get before Buckingham Palace decides that it's time to say "The Crown is not going to put its seal on this mishegoss"? (I know...
  • Commented on Constitutional crisis ahoy!
    I seem to recall some statement about the Crown's options that went something along the lines of: "Technically, the Queen can cast a veto. Realistically, she can cast one veto." Does the Crown have that option, in a break-glass-in-case-of-imminent-apocalypse sense?...
  • Commented on Competition Time!
    I apologize for bringing up the GPL. My only excuse is that I thought it'd be an amusing thing for Laundry IT (i.e. Bob) to have to deal with....
  • Commented on Cytological Utopia and the rapture of the eukaryotes
    This gets more and more brain-twisty, because mixed in with the question of who do you bring back or not is the question of what version of someone do you bring back? Assuming there's zero data loss and there are...
  • Commented on Competition Time!
    For random reasons, I'm now wondering how the Laundry would implement a sarcasm detector......
  • Commented on Competition Time!
    Name: INTERFERON TURING GREEN Classification: Software containment/exorcism tool, field-portable, emergency use Deployment: With the proliferation of increasingly powerful computers in the modern world, field agents may find themselves faced with situations where a computer must be not only isolated from...
  • Commented on That "Annihilation Score" spoiler thread you're all asking for
    One other thing that popped into my mind: not only do the Laundry's decision-makers seem overly optimistic about how far they can push their agents before they break down completely, but they also seem to be a bit over-confident of...
  • Commented on That "Annihilation Score" spoiler thread you're all asking for
    One impression I keep getting as we get deeper into the Laundry series is that Mahogany Row's upper echelon seems to have a bad habit of pushing its agents to the breaking point, only to miscalculate and realize too late...
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