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Charles C

  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Delirium Brief
    I’m assuming that the Auditors’ power is that they hold the keys to all of the geassa of the ‘ordinary’ members of the Laundry. Some, but not all, are also sorcerers but not quite Mahogany Row powerful. With evidence of...
  • Commented on Book day!
    wow! thanks! And more please ;-)...
  • Commented on PSA: The Delirium Brief
    Wow! Laughed and laughed and laughed. Once I overcame the eldritch wards to get there... Thanks, really looking forward to reading the full book. The first chapter feels as if it has the style of The Atrocity Archives - which...
  • Commented on Rejection Letter
    While the issue of the $$$ medical equipment with Windows XP is very serious, it's also relatively easy to resolve - or at least improve. For example, each one could be put on a private network with extremely tight ingress...
  • Commented on The Day After
    I suspect that the large numbers of Latinos and White Women and Others voting Trump are those that put their religion before their economics, their race and/or their gender. They are holding their nose and voting Trump only to ensure...
  • Commented on Follow the money: Apple vs. the FBI
    One of the issues that I have with biometrics as an authentication factor (DNA in particular) is that the failure modes can be horrendous. And by failure modes, I have read (unverified) stories of cars in Malaysia with thumbprint unlocking...
  • Commented on That "Annihilation Score" spoiler thread you're all asking for
    I am struggling to understand how Persephone can be both an External Asset and also an Auditor. Not only organisationally but also from her behaviour, it seems unlikely that she would enjoy any kind of an oversight role....
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