• Commented on Artificial Intelligence: Threat or Menace?
    unless they can get rid of Trump & the "R's" next year .... Unfortunately even if they can be voted out of office, they're not going to quietly go away (and the structure of the systems means that in...
  • Commented on Sucker bet (a thought experiment)
    The chance of head-on-a-stick is sufficiently far ahead of my current medical prognosis that I'd be comfortable ignoring it, and going full-speed-ahead on trying to make the world a better place. That being said, I'm pretty sure I could get...
  • Commented on Ask me anything!
    X was mostly implemented by employees of DEC. If it'd been implemented by the students who were around at the time it might have been better code....
  • Commented on Deploying the monomyth in Space Opera
    Sort of reversed 1940s gender roles; the brains and the brawn are the grad student and the wife. (Really, it's not clear what use the professor is, and you could just ditch the daring rescue and proceed directly to the...
  • Commented on Ia, Ia, Google Fthagn
    I kinda want a voice search doohickey with the attention phrase "okay hastur" now....
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