• Commented on That sinking feeling
    I remain somewhat hopeful, not least of which pretty much all my current pension savings are tied up in the UK. However, to respond to the idea that 'food will be fine because it's not changing', that's dangerously missing the...
  • Commented on The unspeakable truth
    One of the things that's really shocked me about this is the number of people who are immigrants or the children of immigrants who've been complaining vocally on my Facebook wall about immigration... I suppose I had a rosy view...
  • Commented on The unspeakable truth
    To be brutally honest, and I really am not a fan of the US system (and with the broad caveat that the provisions in the ACA on pre-existing conditions aren't removed - or live in a state like WA that...
  • Commented on The unspeakable truth
    I have the accident of birth privilege of a father born in Limerick and I now have the copy of his Birth Certificate that can be sent off and not the highly fragile 1925 original. Moving to any other country...
  • Commented on The unspeakable truth
    I've got nothing. I always assumed that I'd move back to the UK one of these days, but as I watch this stuff unfurl I don't recognize the country I grew up in or the values I was brought up...
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