• Commented on GDPR compliance notice
    wow! clear, concise, useful? You sure this article is about GDPR? :) (I support GDPR, I just think it's deliberately too ambiguous in many areas, which is going to keep lawyers happy for decades)...
  • Commented on The sudden eruption of news
    I think that the SNP should field some candidates South of the Border. The SNP at least gives the appearance of caring about the future and appear to have strong leadership, two things missing from other UK opposition parties. The...
  • Commented on Reality is broken
    I remember sometime ago reading an article about how too much Science Fiction just moves our existing morals and motivations into a new setting, and that really we need to see more behavior that responds to different cultural imperatives, or...
  • Commented on Reality is broken
    I'm thinking we won't be seeing too much from the Morningstar Army. Too much "Deux Ex" and too many lose ends. For example, they have lots of vampires which need feeding; from the UN perspective everyone except the empress is...
  • Commented on Reality is broken
    When I found out about the working title, "The Delirium Brief" I was secretly hoping the title derives from a scene set in "Delirium Tremens" in Brussels, it's really just a typical student bar, but it has an extra layer...
    First, Bob has to be brought up to speed on the secret provisions contained in the Rome, Maastricht and Lisbon treaties. Then he has to brief Boris that the consequences of the UK leaving the umbrella provided by these treaties...
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