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Lance Weber

  • Commented on The dog ate my homework
    I'll second Geoff's recommendation as a Mac alphageek living in a corporate Windows world. When I absolutely, positively have to have maximum Office compatibility with shared documents, it's time to boot my dedicated Office VM. You do get file system...
  • Commented on Holding pattern (part N ...)
    I can't speak to Edinburgh, but for tech startups in general I think there's a common template for successful startup cities. Tech (vs Bro) entrepreneurs are attracted to environments that are open minded, lifestyle tolerant, risk embracing, future facing in...
  • Commented on Holding pattern (part N ...)
    I've been thinking about the intersection of:The latest round in the Surveillance vs Privacy vs Security War which is inevitably a one-way ratchet. Assigning ownership of all your digital assets to shell companies originating in countries with strong privacy protections....
  • Commented on The present in deep history
    It didn't start that way, but every time I started working on a bullet point I couldn't get this 2305AD sixteen year old history student's voice out of my head. Literally, because Disney's Facebook Messenger for AppleSoft iHead 8s has...
  • Commented on The present in deep history
    Posting without seeing anything that may have hit while this was open. Sorry! This is a Western biased History. The -- notes are what most casual students "know" in the 30th century. Scientific Method and it's applications to Physics, Biology,...
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