• Commented on Story time!
    "Other than "because MBAs and/or marketing people" why do they even bother to pretend to be different?" I think the marketing concept you are looking for is "premium mediocre", as far as I know the naming of it originates in...
  • Commented on CMAP #16: Book Title Blues
    "One day Calibre will support multiple index entries for authors properly." I have a big love-hate relationship with Calibre. It does so many things right and at the same time so much of the ergonomy is beyond stupid (specially on...
  • Commented on The Inevitable Brexit Thread (1)
    How are the famous english bookmakers doing ?...
  • Commented on The Inevitable Brexit Thread (1)
    "But then you also run into the happy fun problem that the average member of the public is utterly unsuitable to hold office, and probably suffers from Dunning Kruger syndrome on top. (I know I'd make a terrible politician—I'm probably...
  • Commented on What can possibly go wrong?
    @Ioan (104) : So the temporary protection against video doctoring for our "great leaders" and other people politically involved is too start wearing long flowing hair and other hard to CGI model clothes and accessories. Just imagine BoJo with long...
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