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    If I recall, and it's been a few years since i lived in my Mother's homeland. New Zealand has particular issues that make republicanism unpalatable. Basically, The Queen, not the government, is the guarantor of the rights of the Maori...
  • Commented on Policy change: future US visits
    On a more positive note, Empire Games will offer people a nice escapist view of not one but 2 fantastically utopian Americas with sane, rational policies....
  • Commented on Ever Young?
    I think I'm lucky enough to have a) lived in Australia, where we were mostly insulated from the 2008 crash. b) somehow managed to get myself into the latte drinking, organic quinoa quaffing middle class just as the ladder was...
  • Commented on Ever Young?
    As someone still relatively young (30) I think everyone my age has impostor syndrome, even those in a very traditional life. The problem is, Millenial culture doesn't really have a model of "Success". I'm not evensure what that might be...the...
  • Commented on Sometimes I don't know why I bother!
    Makes for a good alternate Laundry sequence too. Lovelace, not Turing, cracks open Godel and by extension Magic (The Byrons have a genetic predisposition to magic and mild K-Syndrome, perhaps), is quietly removed from Babbage by her own mother, and...
  • Commented on Sometimes I don't know why I bother!
    The Abbe de Choisy. Raised in girls clothes by his mother, he decided gowns were for him, and went on to become the most beautifully dressed fashionista in the court of the Sun King, as well as one of...
  • Commented on It could be worse
    Well, that's doubleplus ungood. Remember when you only had to worry about your near future novels getting upstaged by reality? For what it's worth, Glasshouse is now even more accurate than it was!...
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