• Commented on Policy change: future US visits
    May has already stated that Trump's treatment of refugees is not on & tory MP's are lining up to say it stinks. Have any republicans yest said it stinks in the US? Well, it only took her a day or...
  • Commented on The Day After
    Perhaps the people of Florida had the best idea after all. They voted for Trump but they also voted to legalise cannabis....
  • Commented on Ever Young?
    And this, of course, is why people are perceived to become more conservative as they become older - it's because we form our model of the world when we are about 8, and as the world changes, we find it...
  • Commented on The iron law of development
    Why was this so, because I think it's important? "Working hypothesis: defensible borders were absent." ...and this is also clearly why we have never been able to embrace the "European Project" which, ultimately, is going to require full-scale federalism (i.e....
  • Commented on "Tomorrow belongs to me"
    Cameron's gamble (and it was a decent one) was, I think, that we'd get the 52/48 Remain result. That way, he'd have been perfectly positioned to force a full-scale EU renegotiation because he could point to the high level of...
  • Commented on "Tomorrow belongs to me"
    The most interesting thing for me is how the result in general mirrored the result of the AV referendum - urban centres that had people on the ground having conversations were generally Remain, and places that were stuck with mass...
  • Commented on The unspeakable truth
    My basic problem is that the Leave campaign has hinted that it might at least have started to understand the fundamental problem that nation states are having across the world, which is that economic policy fails if it cannot be...
  • Commented on The unavoidable discussion
    I'm not quite old enough to have voted in 1975 but I feel much the same. Indeed, I maintain that I'm not getting offered my choice in the upcoming referendum - it's basically an option between slightly backing out or...
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