• Commented on GDPR compliance notice
    Thanks for answering. I'm sorry I asked a slightly rhetorical question when what I really wanted to know was why you think privacy should be constitutionally protected. I understand the problem with recognizing corporations as having the rights of persons:...
  • Commented on GDPR compliance notice
    Regarding: "jurisdictions with only very weak constitutional privacy laws". You believe that a person's privacy should be constitutionally protected from other than government intrusion? Here in the United States, we could make corporate intrusions of our privacy illegal, if we...
  • Commented on The crazy years
    Is blockchain capable of creating intelligent investment instruments? Cause I think Accelerando predicted that. Thanks in advance....
  • Commented on Things I would make if I had a 3D printer ...
    The plastic parts for my broken car key that costs way too much to replace....
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