• Commented on Lessons learned: writing really long fiction
    This clicks with something unique I've noticed about Brandon Sanderson, he of "write the last 3 books of a 14-book series" while simultaneously writing multiple other multi-book series: the guy has, in addition to an editor very dedicated to that...
  • Commented on SF For Nothing, Stories For Free
    Hmm, there have been a few "on-going serial fiction" recommendations so far, so might as well throw a couple more (really long ones...) in the ring that aren't on fiction collation sites: A Practical Guide to Evil - Follow the...
  • Commented on SF For Nothing, Stories For Free
    Thirding Worm- and unlike the other two, for the writing quality. It's absurd how, for a story shoved out the door at 2/3 chapters a week for 2 years, just how deep everything goes- background characters that show up for...
  • Commented on Houston: what are the long-term consequences?
    agh, that should have been "It was a major hit to the city- population dropped to less than 400k- but the port is still there. The city has infrastructure problems (and did beforehand as well) but it's also a rather...
  • Commented on Houston: what are the long-term consequences?
    Not sure where on twitter you're getting your news, but they're being pretty hyperbolic. New Orleans only even had a population of 500,000 when Katrina hit, (650 when you add surrounding cities) not all of whom had to leave or...
  • Commented on Children and War Toys and Violent Video Games and Action Stories
    @3 I heard similar advice before (and after) the birth of my child (age 2): that my job as a parent was to allow my children to make mistakes while shielding them from any permanent consequences. A 6-year-old mouthing off...
  • Commented on A small research question
    A note, not as a direct line of conversation but as part of the book-writing research process, that the Ophiocordyceps fungus you mentioned was directly (and explicitly) used as the basis of the "zombies" in the popular video game The...
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