• Commented on Do my Laundry
    In the first PHANGs book, they tried a bunch of things to figure out vampirism. One of the things was they tried animal blood, from a butcher, and found it unpalatable. But the animals that provided that blood were already...
  • Commented on Summer webcomics
    I put the comics I read into my RSS reader if they have a feed. Otherwise (Freefall, Forward) I sometimes remember to check, sometimes remember a while later that I haven’t checked recently. I may have missed them, or they...
  • Commented on Lying to the ghost in the machine
    I have a neural network wildlife identifier on my phone (Seek from iNaturalist) I point the camera at a mule deer and it tells me it’s a mule deer. I point at a centipede and it tells me what species...
  • Commented on Artificial Intelligence: Threat or Menace?
    The AI-vs-tank story was around at least when I was a Comp Sci undergrad in the early 80's, so it wasn't a modern neural net. My memory of what the story was jibes with the Minsky quote in But...
  • Commented on Science-fictional shibboleths
    Pasting in a few offhand references to a Black President because, hey, it's the future. But nothing else changes, and it's still an Orwellian state where the cops gun down the underclass and the citizens gun down everyone else....
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