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    I think it comes down to what you mean by saying RULES, though (and, not having read the OPs books, I can't really say where they come out on this). Since Tolkien is serving as a touchstone - and fwiw,...
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    You're right about the dwarves; I was trying to keep my comment brief (and failed). I also considered the Nazgul, but: 1) it's not clear to me that they wielded magical ability prior to becoming ringbearers (and I always assumed...
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    Rules of magic in Tolkien: All the magic we see is inherent in its wielder due to "species". Artifacts of magical power are effective because they carry some of the inherently magical essence of their maker. The Valar and Maiar...
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    "Hands up, everyone reading this who likes HF and who hasn't had some (even minimal or second-hand) exposure to Dungeons and Dragons?" >Raises hand. Well, I suppose "minimal second-hand" - I'm aware of D&D and have some sense of the...
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