• Commented on Mediocrity
    I believe in Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles" humans are simply quantum-bombs in some inter-dimensional war. The entire process of humanity is simply the loading of gunpowder. I also just remembered that "The Invisibles" also has a Hand of Glory!...
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    Infinite regress of simulated universes suggests that there is no limitation of universal-resolution or as Mr. Stross (how do you prefer to be called?) suggests it requires very capable algorithms (what is called procedural simulation in the world of video...
  • Commented on I am not a futurist.
    Unless it's alternate history sci-fi or near-future sci-fi, I don't think that it should necessarily have highly familiar or recognizable human drives. However I feel like I am a rare case of a reader who doesn't necessarily want to empathize...
  • Commented on The monetization paradox (or why Google is not my friend)
    I think ebooks are going to treat you just fine. I found Accelerando for free through an auto-recommendation from another book on an e-book store (through the Stanza app on the iPhone). Since I enjoyed it thoroughly, I have since...
  • Commented on The sound of silence
    Accelerando was a book that I cannot aptly describe in words. Anything else like that (or even more epic in scale) would make me weak in the knees with happiness. Halting State and the Laundry series are great, but not...
  • Commented on Flame bait
    A few years back my friend had recently returned from Australia and I was catching up with him at his house. Being a nice guy, he hands me a sandwich with a rich brown spread and says "I made you...
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