• Commented on Unforeseen Consequences and that 1929 vibe
    Regarding the bitcoin power usage, basically what happens with bitcoins is that when the coins a miner produce by mining (+ transaction charges) are worth substantially more than the cost of electricity, that means it is profitable for each individual...
  • Commented on Report on Seat 14C
    Ohh, here's an idea: one or more of the pilots were Muslim, and they passed a bunch of "anti-terrorism" laws following the disappearance; there is now a vested interest in not believing the time travel story even if there was...
  • Commented on Report on Seat 14C
    It is a little bit too futurist IMHO that VHF communication would not be around... You can just have VHF communications and yet the plane getting shot down anyway. E.g. the pilot speaks English with Arabic sounding accent, the disappearance...
  • Commented on Some notes on the worst-case scenario
    > All it takes is a 0.1% asshole who's betting long on Monsanto and who decides to help things along by hiring a couple of shady military contractors to hit up a Brazilian agronomy lab Monsanto itself would have all...
  • Commented on And the Rabid Nazi Raccoons shall inherit the Earth
    > it takes rare-earth magnets You hit 90%+ mechanical to electrical efficiency in larger generators with or without rare earth magnets, with 2016 technology or with 1916 . That's all basically irrelevant compared to the difference between those sailcloth windmill...
  • Commented on Just plain icky
    Well, a much simpler explanation is that more conservative attitudes have worse public healthcare and consequently more parasites. Any you can't measure healthcare quality without circularly measuring parasites. Other thing is that a lot of parasites come from consuming poorly...
  • Commented on We'll all go together when we go
    Ohh and keep in mind that a nuclear war is unlikely to be followed by kumbaya and everyone getting along, but instead would include literally everything that anyone listed in this thread except maybe the rogue AI....
  • Commented on We'll all go together when we go
    One thing to remember here is that humans are quite large animals with long reproductive cycle, i.e. precisely the qualities of animals that go extinct when things go wrong. And indeed we nearly went extinct before. All we need to...
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