• Commented on Excuses
    Nojay is correct re. pre-pay meter installation being used as an alternative to disconnection. Ofgem states that in 2015, around 86,000 pre-payment meters were installed under warrant (that's where the energy company forces installation of a pre-pay meter in order...
  • Commented on A reminder
    And because women know that, it can really change the stakes when we're doing stuff that mostly men do. I'm no firefighter, but I used to play tournament chess. And whilst I'm no Carlsen or Polgar, I wasn't too shabby...
  • Commented on Playtime is over
    " if we don't work out how to push back globally fast there will be nobody to remember our graves." Look to see who and what May / Trump / Le Pen et al hate (or at least consider convenient...
  • Commented on Facts of Life and Death
    "I'm calling Hard Brexit a road to mass starvation and famine-grade deaths on a scale not seen in the UK since the Hungry Forties (that's the 1840s, not the 1940s)." I don't know whether or not you'll see famine. I...
  • Commented on Facts of Life and Death
    Yes - certainly in some parts of the country. In the poorer parts of Greater Manchester, for example, especially if you were living on council estates that were a bit out from the local town centre, it could be quite...
  • Commented on Holding pattern (part N ...)
    "Until then, there's not much to do but sit, and wait, and save up what travel funds I can." You don't have time to sit and wait. Unless you already have working/residency rights set up elsewhere - you need to...
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