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    Privacy, or the lack thereof. We're already kind of used to companies like Google knowing, basically, too much about us, including potentially embarrassing stuff like financial, marital or health problems. if you live in China, the government probably knows as...
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    John Kay, Other People's Money sardonically explores the why and who of the 2008 crisis. The best non-fiction books I read the last years is written by a Dutch journalist, originally an anthropologist, who studied London bankers in their natural...
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    Sure. I'd expect it to be less my thing than the Laundry series, but as a general rule anything with the name Pratchett, Banks or Stross on its gets read....
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    "The Dark Forest", by Cixin Liu Just started this one, because it's part 2 of a trilogy that part 1 was great of. That doesn't guarantee a thing of course, but it seemed worth a try. "The girl with all...
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    Duffy has a good when he argues the capitalist economic system may very well collapse on itself due to ever-increasing inequality. A few days ago, I read an interesting newspaper article (Dutch, sorry) about an historian basically making the same...
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    As Ludwig @14 points out again, Charlie's premise is that it's very much different to think about events that would kill 50%, 90% or even 99.99% of humans, or about true, the full 100%, extinction events. It's not that hard...
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    Name MALCOINS (Malicious crypto-currencies) Classification A malicious subclass of blockchain-based crypto-currencies. Deployment Bitcoin, the first crypto-currency, introduced the concept of using huge amounts of basically useless computational work as the source of trust necessary for the currency to be accepted....
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