• Commented on App store annoyances
    I have 3 Macs, and sync one to 2 iPhones & 2 iPads. I sync iOS devices to one Mac, and set the other Macs not to automatically download new apps. When I decide I don't want an app to...
  • Commented on Typo hunt: Neptune's Brood
    These are from the Apple iBooks edition. Beacon Departure Despite looking outwardly human and imprinted with a set of human memories, Despite looking outwardly human and being imprinted with a set of human memories, Through the rest of the book,...
  • Commented on Beer, Brooklyn NY, this Thursday
    113 North 7th Street Brooklyn, NY 11249 ​ 718 218-6006 Evil Flash site, but it's in Williamsburg....
  • Commented on On dealing with exhaustion and its causes
    Sorry, that sucks. Here's hoping you can relax enough to enjoy the (mostly) downtime, and yourself make a full recovery!...
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