• Commented on Trapped in the wrong trouser-leg of time
    I'm pretty sure cross-timeline posting is against Charlie's moderation policy, Paul....
  • Commented on Empire Games sneak peek
    Looking forward to it, Charlie. Very interested in how you plan on extending the universe you've created there. Shame it couldn't go out in time for the mandatory winter-solstice shopping bonanza: it would have made the "what you want?" question...
  • Commented on A game of consequences
    I'd like to note that severity-of-punishment is a lousy enforcement tool; if it wasn't, the USA would have eliminated all criminal activity by the 1990s (with the ramp-up of mass incarceration). What seems to work best is probability-of-apprehension ... Forgive...
  • Commented on A game of consequences
    Some initial thoughts: Dependent upon the level of AI available - you might expect some form of "arbiter AI" apparatus set up. This wouldn't necessarily need to be of the Strong AI variety, perhaps a fairly comprehensive collection of algorithms...
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