• Commented on SOPA
    It's more PIPA than SOPA at this point, given that the House says they'll stop action on it. Of course, they could change their minds again. And PIPA (the Senate version) is evil, too....
  • Commented on Three wishes
    Wish first to know the two things-that-can-be-expressed-as-a-wish that result in the best possible overall lifestyle for all self-aware beings in the universe. (Not any one particular being or even species, but all.) Then wish those. I don't agree with the...
  • Commented on Back again
    I love the "stunningly cheap" gas price comment. I've been saying for years that the US needs to get wise to the fact that $3, $4, or even $5 per gallon gas is nothing compared to many other developed countries....
  • Commented on Rule 34
    Great start, ready for more! Also, glad to hear Charlie is enjoying The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin as well. I read both than and The Broken Kingdoms a month or so ago, and am eagerly awaiting the release...
  • Commented on Rule 34
    On hold at the library already! Will be purchasing at some point as well, of course, hopefully when I can get an electronic copy that plays nice with my Kobo....
  • Commented on "Why are your houses so heavy?"
    If you ever do get over to the Henry Ford museum, I'd be happy to serve as a local Michigan guide! Also, this reminded me of the Tumbleweed Tiny Houses: I looked at those a few years back before...
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