• Commented on Suspense is the key
    I think the flashback portion is a modern addition- possible only within the prose/novel format. When the ancients used it, it mostly referred when a play started in the middle of a known story, such as Oedipus the King. The...
  • Commented on "Tomorrow belongs to me"
    London also was a a great city for multinational (especially U.S.) corporations to open large offices. You can hire top talent from the entire EU population, and it's a desirable location so you can get them to move there. The...
  • Commented on The unspeakable truth
    "60% of self-identified middle class Americans are one pay check away from financial crisis." The operative phrase here is 'self-identified'. A lot of people in the U.S. have only vague ideas where they rank in the financial order, and tend...
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